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Electric Vehicle

Globally, we are all trying to reduce our carbon footprint. Electric cars are perfect at helping to lower emissions and provide cleaner air. With increasing numbers of electric vehicles on the road, the demand for charging points is on the rise. This specialist service will be carried out at your property.

Fast Chargers

These charging points are standard installations for home charging. They enable your vehicle to charge full over a period of hours outside your property. This can range from 6-8 hours from battery level 0.

Slow Chargers

When your in need of emergency charging this can take much longer. Usually a minimum of 12 hours is required. This charger is designed to be plugged into a standard three pin 13 amp socket. Therefore, it is not recommended to use on a daily basis, as it can overload circuits in your home. 

All our EVC installations come with a type 2 plug, however some electric cars require a type 1 plug. 

Initially, we will arrange to visit your property to carry out a risk assessment to determine the safest way to install your charging point. Based on this risk assessment, we will then advise on which charger will best suit your installation. 

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OZEV Approved.

Being an OZEV approved installer, we can claim up to £350.00 contribution towards your EV installation. More information click on the link below.

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