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Full/Partial Rewires

We offer both partial rewires or full property rewires. Depending on your ideas and future plans, we will advise on what options may suit you best. You have the option of either wired light switches or wireless light switches, more details below. As soon as the word 'rewire' is mentioned, customers start to worry about the mess and upheaval that may be created, We have built a reputation on ensuring the process of the rewire is kept smooth throughout. We aim to be considerate at all times, especially if you are living in the property at the time. We clean up any mess made and most importantly keep disruption to a minimum! This way your day to day living is uninterrupted. 

Partial Rewires.

The main reason for undertaking partial rewires is because a certain part of an electrical installation needs upgrading. A couple of other reasons are:

  1. A customer requires a number of alterations to a circuit.

  2. A customer is having a new kitchen installed.

  3. Converting a garage into a living space.


We only advise a partial rewire is needed if we feel there is a safety issue with an installation. Regardless, if it is a risk of shock or a risk of fire.

Full Property Rewire.

We often carry out full rewires when a customer has purchased a new property. This gives the new homeowners peace of mind their electric installation is safe and sound. Full property rewires are also requested from homeowners who have lived in their property for a long time and never had any upgrade works completed. With a full property rewire, we also install a new fuse board inline with 18th edition regulations. Head over to our fuse board page to find out more. 

Whether you require a partial or full rewire, we follow the same procedure, from arranging an initial meeting at your property to discuss your requirements, followed by an estimate. If you accept your estimate, we will then arrange a meeting a week or two before your rewire commences to confirm the finer details and address any worries you may have. While our team are at your property, we will treat it with respect. At the end of every day, we will tidy our tools away and have a thorough clean up, even if your not living there yet. Once the rewire is complete, we can at your request arrange a final meeting to discuss the works completed. Also on completion you will receive you NICEIC certificate. 

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