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Terms & Conditions


Once you have contacted us regarding the potential works, a free estimate visit may be arranged. During this visit, you are able to discuss your requirements in more detail. Alternatively, we may ask you to send over some photos and description to help us provide your written estimate. The price is based on the works stated in the estimate only. All material and labor costs are included within the overall total. This may alter if more or less work is required or additions have been discussed. Any additional requests you mention on the day of your appointment or after, will generated into a new estimate and you will need to book a separate appointment for the works to be carried out. The time allocated is based on the original estimate alone. We plan our appointments based on the estimated works only. This is to prevent major impacts and inconvenience to other customers. 


All our appointments are allocated on a first come, first served basis to remain fair. You will be offered the next available appointment in our diary. We offer AM or PM appointments. If we feel you require a full day or more, we will inform you at time of booking. We generally avoid allocating time slots as emergencies and overruns have been known to arise, but this is very rare. We do our best to prevent this happening and update you on our progress. Your appointment is NOT secure until confirmation of estimate is received. You may wish be added to our cancellation list if an appointment was to arise last minute but these are not guaranteed. If you need to change your appointment, please contact admin and we will allocate you a new date in our diary. In the unlikely event you need to cancel your appointment, we urge you inform us as soon as possible. We can then offer your appointment to another customer on the waiting list. If you fail to let us know of the cancellation or you inform us with late notice, we will charge a cancellation fee of £50 to cover our time and disruption. Cancellations must be made known a minimum of 24 hours before arrival. 


Due to safety of our young family, we kindly ask that if you or any of your household test positive with COVID-19, you inform us as soon as possible. We will postpone your appointment until you are clear and well. Admin will then reschedule your appointment accordingly. We believe in being considerate to our customers, so we will also inform you if our team should test positive. 

Materials Deposits

A materials deposit may be required before your appointment to cover the cost of materials only. An invoice will be sent prior to your start date if necessary and confirmation of payment will be acknowledged. The sooner we receive payment, the more time we have to source your materials from our wholesalers. This helps us ensure they arrive within enough time for your appointment. Late deposits may result in us having to push back your start date.  If you fail to pay your deposit, we will have no other option but to cancel your appointment. We do not hold any deposits and they are not used to secure your appointment. They are solely used to purchase and order the required materials for the job description. Once the materials have arrived, they are then stored in our lock up until your start date. The deposit has no impact on the labor costs as these are separate.


Once the works have been carried out, an invoice will be emailed over to you. All invoices must be settled within the 24-hour period of job completion. Your invoice will be sent via email the same day as the works carried out. If we have no response, a follow up email will be sent at the end of the 24-hour period. If we still have no response or payment made then we will have no other option but to take the necessary action to recover the outstanding balance. Failure to pay, late and overdue payments WILL result in further legal action. If a second appointment is required and it is not arranged for the following day, an invoice will be generated for the work already carried out. (This includes weekends) We will not return to carry out any further works or investigation until the balance has been paid.


Any rubbish remaining from completed works will need to be disposed of by the customer. We always aim to be as clean and tidy as we can whilst in your property. We like to leave your property as we found it. 

​‘Zone of tolerance’

We will not compromise on factors that are important to the customer unless safety is at risk. Then we have the duty to advise on other ways to carry out the work abiding to regulations. This is to ensure the safety of our staff and our customers.

Acceptance of our T&C’S

By confirming you would like to proceed with your estimate, you automatically agree, accept and abide by these terms and conditions.

We look forward to working with you and providing the best customer service possible!

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