Update - 30th December 2020

To All Of Our Customers,

Firstly, I would just like to hugely thank everyone who has used our services, contacted us for an estimate or advice and those who have recommended us to others during this very uncertain year for all. Luckily, we managed to bounce back mid 2020 and our customer base doubled and our workload dramatically increased. I am truly humbled by the response we have had and the support we have received with regards to our guidelines and decisions made over this year.

However, we are now faced with a new variant of COVID which is rapidly spreading. Positive case numbers are up, and hospital admissions are also increasing.

Following on from the latest update delivered on 30th December 2020, myself and the team feel it is in everyone’s best interest that we keep C Watts & Sons closed until we see a decline in numbers. This is a choice we have made ourselves, but a choice we feel will be respected. It was not an easy call to make but we feel it is a wise choice to help protect our customers and help protect our own families.

We are hoping this will be a short closure. As soon as we see the numbers decrease, we will be back open at full capacity and helping all our customers loyal and new with any electrical work they have planned.

For now, we hope you all see in the New Year in a safe manner and continue to adhere to the government guidelines to help get all our small local business back on their feet.

From The Team and I,

Thank You, and we all look forward to greeting you in 2021.